any body send me the sample paper for pnb dy.managers,to

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if a person moves 15km straight and turns 45km right and moves 15km straight then how much distance he needs to walk to reach starting point?

9 Answers   TCS,

hi,i would like to know sbi clerical exam syllabus

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19. Students from different universities. A speaks hindi and bengali. B hindi and english. C english and bengali. D tamil and hindi E bengali and tamil 20. Interpretor between C and D A only B only E only A ,B and E 21. Can't speak without interpretor B&E A&B A&C B&E

6 Answers   Infosys, Accenture,

In 1991, was the number of people in City A three times greater then the number of people in City B?

2 Answers   TCS,

1. 6 workers can complete a work in 48hrs, how much time it will take with 5 workers? 2. In 5 workers one has taken break for 8hrs how much time they will take to finish the work?

5 Answers   Franklin Templeton,

A single discount equivalent to three successive discounts of 20%, 25% and 10% is a) 55% b) 50% c)48% d)46% plz specify the method... thanks

20 Answers   SSC, DELL, PSTET, Arihant, ABC, CTS, Ashok Leyland, Hyundai, Mahindra Comviva, TATA,

General Aptitude & Technical Test of Mechanical Engineering For the H.P.C.L. Mumbai Refinery

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Which of these is true for the speed of an electro-magnetic wave and the speed of light?

9 Answers   Infosys, RRB, College School Exams Tests,

In a certain code, ?acquisition or construction should be completed within three years? is written as ?three be or within should years construction completed acquisition?. How will ?interest paid on loan will be allowed for deduction? be written in that code ? (1) For will paid allowed loan on deduction be interest (2) For will allowed paid loan deduction on be interest (3) For will paid allowed loan deduction on be interest (4) For will paid allowed loan deduction be on interest (5) None of these

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how can u play a key role and how can i know that u are positive minded

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what is the difference between functions and member functions? what is meant by cloud computing?

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