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What is the Corporate Tax, Minimum Alternate Tax,
Professional Tax, Business Tax Describe Me

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why accounting is important in business?

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On receive of Import material & to book purchase value, any form require from Importer / Clg. & Fwdg. Agent

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how will be the entry of outstanding salaries in receipt & payment account, income & expenditure & balance sheet

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what is provisions ?

2 Answers   Dream One, SRL,

what is portfolio

2 Answers   Reliance,

What are the important things to be remembered while preparing a bank reconciliation statement?

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what is thr differences between sales & sales invoice ?

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Differance between US GAAP and UK GAAP?

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what is mean by paidup capital.?

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what is interest on purchase consideration?

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What are negative postings?What are Credit memos ?Payment Requests ?

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