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sir what is the depreciation and how to calculate
depreciation as per company books, i need as per IT ACT, AND
Companies Act give me clarification with example

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I renders interior Services, consider one project cost Rs.500000/- Scenario 1 - Material purchased on my Firm Name Material - 300000 -300000 On party behalf Labour - 200000 -150000 My expenses for Labour Contracts Profit - 50000 My Profit Scenario 2 - Material purchased by client Labour - 200000 -150000 My expenses for Labour Contracts Profit - 50000 My Profit In both Profit is same Rs. 50000/-. which is beneficial for me in terms of turnover or tax matters. and if I have to raise a bill to party as per both scenario, how it will affect bill and tax, where will I suffer loss?

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