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What is the need of Automation framework?

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What is the need of Automation framework?..

Answer / uday

The main use of automation framework is to reduce efforts
for developing scripts as per the project, easy
understandable, easy to maintain, uniform across the team.

Based on your project and needs you have to select your own
automation framework

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What is the need of Automation framework?..

Answer / sonal.pagare

The main feature of any automation tool is the ability to
capture the user actions and later to playback them.

Running complex and powerful tests is time consuming and
expensive when using only a capture tool.

The scripts resulting from Record/Play contains hard-coded
values which must change if anything at all changes in our AUT.

The costs associated with maintaining Record/Play scripts
are excessive, and unacceptable.

Require a skill to develop and maintain an automation scripts.
Automated tests are very sensitive to software changes.

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What is the need of Automation framework?..

Answer / ram polavarapu

Frame work in nothing but integration the all modules and
related scripts as single project
there are different types of approches to do framework

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