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I am a diploma holder(3years Polytechnic after +2)in and for the last 17 years am in Kuwait. I
saw and an advt. and for my enquiry they provide the
following reply. "You can go for the engineering degree
program of Westcoast University .You can do the program in
one year duration if you have working experience in
engineering field for 5 or more than 5 years after your
diploma .......... If no experience or below 5 years
experience, you can complete the program in 2 years. . If
you have 15+ years of working experience , you can complete
the program as immediate graduation within 3 month's time.
You can do the program where ever you are at present. This
is a distance education program for diploma
holders .Nothing will be mentioned about the distance
program in your certificate. It will be same as of the
regular candidates.This is also a four years degree
program for the regular students who come after their 12th
graduation (regular stream)........Regarding with the
diploma holders ,the university is giving you 50%
excemption in studies . Your diploma and its duration is
being credited into university's degree program ,and hence
you will be able to do it in a short duration.The
certificate which you get will be of four years.The
duration of your diploma is being added into the
engineering degree program....West coast university is an
accredited university"
My question is can I belive this and how I can attest this
is this certificate when I am in Kuwait, because this
university from Chili. Is this university is enlisted any
where india/kuwait?pls give a reply

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I am a diploma holder(3years Polytechnic after +2)in and for the last 17 years a..

Answer / amir

for most fresh diploma holders, his degree is of no use, plz dont fall pray to such degree factories,
but one thing regarding u only is, this degree will do many things for you, as you already have such rich experience that it doesn't matter how u obtained the degree, if they are true that they would give a degree mentioning you a fulltime student, then it is ok, bt i dont think they can do it, because if they mention u as a fulltime student then you can't show your work experience of that period, and this cud go against ur adventure.

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I am a diploma holder(3years Polytechnic after +2)in and for the last 17 years a..

Answer / k g rao

Such degress does not give value

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I am a diploma holder(3years Polytechnic after +2)in and for the last 17 years a..

Answer / i am a diploma holder...and fr

I am a diploma holder...and fresr after
10th...pls give me a way for job. i hava my
passport ..i want 2 work out of INDIA ...and
trnig HELP ME

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