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what is cost cenre,cost categori
and why we need to prepare them

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what is vendor setup?why it is required in accounts payable process?

1 Answers   Cap Gemini,

Hi all, I am having a interview tommorow at MG Road HR personal interview for IBM daksh. Can any one tell me most likely asking question with the answers. Thanks in advace.

2 Answers   IBM,

what is the jurnet entry ? why

4 Answers  

What is an ea in accounting?

0 Answers  

Give an accounting treatment for Investment made worth 100 today,after 6months its value is 60.

2 Answers   Cognizant,

what is o2c and cycle

1 Answers   Accenture,

Prepaid insurance entry

1 Answers   Cap Gemini,

as we are working in erp jd edwards in this the company gives advances to their employee for expenses n receives the amount either by cash or receives the same by deducting the salaries wt type of accounting entry will be passed

3 Answers   ATS, L&T,

What are the three major parts of accounting

1 Answers   ACS,

An importer import some goods @10,000 us dollar on cif basis following dollar rates avilable on the date of presentention of bill entry.(1) Rbi floor rate 46.35,(2) rate notify by CBE AND C under section 14(3)(a)(i)of custom act Rs.46.55 (3) Rate at which bank has reliased the payment from importer Rs.46.58, what will be assessable valu according to custom act?

1 Answers   RBI,

Cello pen gross value is 935.89 for 12 nos 14.5% tax

0 Answers  

How to pass journal entry of gifts purchased for employee by using campany ATM card

0 Answers   XYZ,