what are the different methods of teaching share and
debenture to pre degree students

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What are mis reports and how do you prepare it?

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rate of vat on gold purchase local & o.m.s. & rate of % in sale local & o.m.s.

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if we are purchase on vat tax and sales tax can do tds?

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Interest received 5,000 and still receivable Rs. 2,000 PLease give journal entry for this!

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what is addition of Opening Balance and net profit transfered from profit and loss account called

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Why have you applied to our firm?

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what is bills receviables?

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Accounting transactions are recorded in accordance with thier legal form or substance. Briefly explain the legal form and substance of the accounting transactions and give one relevant example.

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what is cash on account?

1 Answers   DuPont, Genpact,

Explain the statement:"Fixed cost per unit is variable but variable cost per unit is fixed".

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Do you know offset accounting?

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What is a 3 Column cash book?

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