what is book profit

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Hello, I am trying to record the journal entries for taking a loan and refinancing it into two new loans. How would I show the closing loan and the opening of two new loans? Thank you for your help!

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Choose the correct answer: In case of assesses other than companies, the following is advance tax rate to be payable on or before of 15th September on the current fringe benefits. (1) 15 per cent; (2) 30 per cent; (3) 45 per cent; (4) 60 per cent.

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please tell me questions asked in NICMAR for the post of accounts executive

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1.provide a brief write up on why you consider yourself suitable for the post voting your major achievements? 2. Mention your position in the hierarchy and the levels above and below you ?

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Define bank Cheque

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whether securities premium includede in calculation of Net Worth.

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Who is the maker of the promissory note

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what is contigent liabilities? whats it status in balance sheet?

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How do you set the increment point in appraisal of salaries. It becomes so difficult for the employer to hear again and again about increment

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How many types of routing protocols?

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Can closing stock of current year be present in tht Trial Balance of said year...????

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Pass remuneration for annum to working partners as 5000,7500 and 10000 per month to A,B and C

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