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why return type of main is not necessary in linux

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Why is void main used?

0 Answers  

Write a program to print all permutations of a given string.

0 Answers   JPMorgan Chase,

Why can’t we compare structures?

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What is optimization in c?

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write an algorithm which can find the largest number among the given list using binary search ............... this was asked in the interview

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Which of these statements are false w.r.t File Functions? i)fputs() ii)fdopen() iii)fgetpos() iv)ferror() A)ii B)i,ii C)iii D)iv

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Why enum is used in c?

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main() {int i=5; // line 1 i=(++i)/(i++); // line 2 printf("%d",i); // line 3 } output is 2 but if we replace line 2 and line 3 by printf("%d",i=(++i)/(i++)); then output is 1. Why?

1 Answers   GATE,

What is calloc in c?

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what is c

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when user give a number it multiply with 9 without useing '+' and '*' oprator

4 Answers  

What should malloc() do? Return a null pointer or a pointer to 0 bytes?

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