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Which is better malloc or calloc?

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What is cohesion and coupling in c?

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What are linked lists in c?

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what is output of the following statetment?Printf(“%x”, -1<<4); ?

5 Answers  

What are structures and unions? State differencves between them.

0 Answers   iNautix,

when user give a number it multiply with 9 without useing '+' and '*' oprator

4 Answers  

we called a function and passed something do it we have always passed the "values" of variables to the called function. such functions calles are called a) calls by reference b) calls by value c) calls by zero d) none of the above

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Explain the difference between ++u and u++?

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what is the output of the following program? main() { int i=-1,j=-1,k=0,l=2,m; m=i++&&j++&&k++||l++; printf("%d %d %d %d %d",i,j,k,l,m); }

7 Answers  

What is #line?

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what is pointer ?

10 Answers   Kernex Micro Systems,

How can I split up a string into whitespace-separated fields?

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What are reserved words with a programming language?

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