Is SET a SQL Keyword?

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Is SET a SQL Keyword?..

Answer / rainy

it is used to update particular info.

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Is SET a SQL Keyword?..

Answer / radhakrishnan vaithilingam

The SET is keyword in SQL Server. The SET is ANSI standard.

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Is SET a SQL Keyword?..

Answer / digvijay

yes, set is assign the value in declared variable.


declare @a int
set @a=20
@a hold the 20.

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Is SET a SQL Keyword?..

Answer / ganesh dhage

SET is Reserved word in the SQL Server.Basically SET keyword is used for updating the particular record in the database table with some conditions...If i need to change the name of Student from Student table then i can write query like this->
update Student set Stud_Name=Ganesh
where StudID=201 and Email='';

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