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What is an idle thread?

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What is an idle thread?..

Answer / guest

The special thread a dispatcher will execute when no ready
thread is found.

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What is an idle thread?..

Answer / subhodip ghosh

In Windows NT operating systems, the System Idle Process
contains one or more kernel threads which run when no other
runnable thread can be scheduled on a CPU. For example,
there may be no runnable thread in the system, or all
runnable threads are already running on a different CPU. In
a multiprocessor system, there is one idle thread associated
with each CPU.

The primary purpose of the idle process and its threads is
to eliminate what would otherwise be a special case in the
scheduler. Without the idle threads, there could be cases
when no threads were runnable, or "Ready" in terms of
Windows scheduling states. Since the idle threads are always
in a Ready state (if not already Running), this can never
happen. Thus whenever the scheduler is called due to the
current thread leaving the CPU, it can always find another
thread to run on that CPU, even if it is only the CPU's idle

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