What are the features of financial accounting?

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what are the entries for staff taken advance in tally? what are the ledgers to be created for this and under which group? and what are the voucher entries when the advance is refunded?

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ram is withdrawn goods for personal use(sales price RS.600,Cost Price Rs.500) how to pass entry

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why current ratio is 2:1.why it is not 100:1,10:1,20:1 in current ratio. please tell me....

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what is accounts payable ..what is accounts receivable

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What is the difference for calculation Depreciation as pert Companies Act and Income Tax

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How can I pass the journal entry for Work in progress. I would like to know that where should be the debit and credit allocated in accounting system. eg. WIP debit will be under asset a/c in balance sheet what about credit? pls.help me

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what is basic difference between accounting and finance

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i had taken one year gap in completing my graduation bcom should it be considered as backlogs i dont have any kt or anything else i have passed all exam in one trial

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how many invoice types are there in accounting and what is the satutary obligations for each invoices and waht are the basic differences in those invoices.

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stock lost by fire of rs-230 and insurance company denied to give insurance claim,journal entry

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What is the treatment of loan and its interest in trading profit and loss ,balance sheet

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Can CPF share given by govt. added in the Financial gross salary while calculating Total gross salary at the end of Financial year.For eg: My gross salary is Rs.X during a Fin. year & govt share of CPF is Y then Total Fin. Year gross salary is =X+Y,is it correct?

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