What are the features of financial accounting?

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in the tds entery party ledger which group under craete

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Sir, My Gross salary is 16000/- per Month and Birfication is as below Basic Salary 6400 HRA ``` 2560 Travelling con 640 Uniform Allowance 640 Bonus 1280 Professional All 640 Walfare Allowance 3840 Please inform me How much amount of TDS Regards, Ravinder

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we deposited securoty to a party and now due to us interest amount then party deduct TDS on interest but we not recive cash or in bank he credited our account in his books so what will be the journal entries in our's books.

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If i pay for general expense (and party provide me gst details) through credit card then how i can enter party details

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what will be the entry for inventory

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What is general entries for Deffered Tax?

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What do you mean by DP(Drawing Power)

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Your marketing company has been working on a consulting project for a client. Your team has worked on the project for two months, and it is now year-end. The project will be completed by February of the next year, and the client has not yet been billed. For the financial statement, how should project be classified?Should the costs associated with an uncompleted consulting project be classified as a work-in-process asset on the balance sheet or should the cost be expensed on the income statement as a part of the doing business?why?

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what is the finalisation of accounts,

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which report give the data of GL with materials details in sap?

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What is the present Central sales tax rate in India? Also let me know the maxium and minium sales tax rate in India. If the VAT rate changed of any state what will be the impact of CST.

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a buyer,purchases a for rs100, b for rs80, c for rs60 and mixed in ratio of 3:4:5 and sells @ 50% profit what wil be d price?

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