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Distinguish between development and revenue accunts and
revenues accounts.
What are the main accounts that the government are using

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why larkana development athourity does not issue service books and the outstanding salaries of its Employees? what The Ministry is doing?

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Why solar energy is not used

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

Iam recently selected for a central govt job. I dont have valid 12th std mark sheet certificate and individual college semester marksheets. However, i have 10th certificate, 12th attested copy marksheet from govt school HOD, college degree, overall marksheet.Can I join without any issue? If not what should I do to join?

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hello,friends i have been searching for HPCL previous chemical papers.could any one of u send it to me

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How many Loksabha seats are allotted to the states?

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why you want to join crpf.

0 Answers   CRPF,

sir,can any one give guidance for the preparation of the UPCL exam........please on electrical stream.If you have any sample papers then plz send it to

1 Answers   Amit Enterprises, HPCL,


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Hello I m public I want to sAy something to our prime minister, narendra modi gujarat minister he has shell one property in Surat to shaileshbhai for Hotels n hospital but he has shell Surat farm in less price I have to request to pls stop first u check n then u shell Narendra have good relation with shaileshbhai n give Hello I want to sY something to out prime minister that Gujarat minister Narendra Modi he is shelling gujarat property in less price he has shell one big property in Surat to Shaileshbhai he is NRI n Narendra Modi best friend he shell Surat fram to Shaileshbhai in less price it is not Narendra Modi farm it is gov property I request u to stop this otherwise we have to take some action we r not allow to do make any hospital or hotel over there we walk n sit over so pls send thus message to prime minister of India I hope he will do something

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why u prefer andhra bank among so many banks.

1 Answers   Andhra Bank,

What is the present VAt rates in Tamilnadu

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hi all i am biju, i am preparing for AMVI(Motor Vehicle Inspector) kerala psc so could u please guide me how to prepare for this exam in every aspects(technical, gk etc.,)please help me and send me the previous exam papers if u have. please please............ send it. my mail id is

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