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What do you know about Eclerx?

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What do you know about Eclerx?..

Answer / indian

Eclerx is one of the Kpo company and first to be listed in
the BSE. Handling various process ie Back office derivative
and captial market is one of them and ecommerce process.

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What do you know about Eclerx?..

Answer / vinyas.d.shetty

eClerx is an Indian Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
based in Mumbai.eClerx is a public limited company

whose shares are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and
National Stock Exchange of India.eClerx won the

'Use of Technology for Operational Excellence Award' at the
BPO Excellence Awards by Stars of the Industry

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What do you know about Eclerx?..

Answer / shaikh shamsher alam

Eclerx service limited founded in 2000 and publicly listed
on both Bombay and national stock exchanges in india since
2007,is a leading knowledge process
outsources(KPO)company,providing middle/back office
operation support to over 30 fortune and 500 companies.

headquartered in mumbai and it suppoprts for including wold's
leading financial
Tech,Industrial manufacturing&Distribution,Software
media&Entertainment and travel companies.

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