When the procedures or packagess become invalidate

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When the procedures or packagess become invalidate..

Answer / guest

procedures or packagess can become invalid
if it using some object which is in invalid state.


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When the procedures or packagess become invalidate..

Answer / pavan

most of the packages or procedure become invalid after a
upgrade.example when u upgrade the server and database from
8i to 9i.So beore upgrading its neccesary to make a list of
already invalid procedures and packages, so that wont have
problems after upgrading and to find new p & p's which
became invalid after upgrading.

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When the procedures or packagess become invalidate..

Answer / sonu

In any way, if the system is altered like by migration,
change in system date, import or export, upgrade the
system, then procedures or packages become invalidate or,
if a dependant object has been altered, it will invalidate
the stored procedure. This includes stored procedures,
packages, tables, types, etc.

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