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what is ram?

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what is ram? ..

Answer / poonam

RAM is Random Access Memory. It is a form of computer data
storage that allows data to be stored in any order(ie
random).It is the temporary volatile memory of the computer
system which when the computer is switched off the memory
inside the RAM is lost.

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what is ram? ..

Answer / sakthi

RAM is Random Access Memory.There are two types of memory 1.ROM 2.RAM. RAM is the temporary volatile memory when the computer is turned off the memory inside the RAM is lost.

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what is ram? ..

Answer / naresh lingampally

RAM Random Access Memory...

This is a temporary buffer memory...

Reason/Use :

NO storage devices connected to the computer can
work/compensate with the Processor speed so... here RAM
stores the data or the instructions that needs to be
executed by the processors so that it can at least provide
the data on time to the processor.

That is the reason .. higher the RAM (compatible with
Processor) faster is the computer.

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