What is a mission critical system ?

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What is a mission critical system ?..

Answer / sravan reddy

mission critical system is a hard real time system. failure
of some tasks lead to a disaster or catastrophic results occur.
mission critical systems are/must be time specific and more
deterministic and predictable,every task has a critical time
associated and must be completed within that time..
there is a watch dog timer in a real time system which
estimates the time for every task being executed.
when the task is not completed within that time they are
forcefully removed out of running state..

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What is a mission critical system ?..

Answer / kwrtos

Besides its life/death or make/break ingredients of
operational procedures or processes, that is what the most
mission critical systems have themselves labeled, a mission
critical system is the system that has to acomplish certain
critical tasks within a predefined duration of time and/or a
predefined frame of benchmarks. The time constraint and the
benchmarks are the integral part of the mission. Without the
meeting such those constraints, the consequence of failure
often thoroughly defeats the purpose of the entire system.

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What is a mission critical system ?..

Answer / y.s.modi

mission critical system determines that each process within
program must be completed its execution within specified
time period.if any process takes more time in execution it
will be forced to stop its execution immediately.

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