What are the different table present in MYsql?

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What are the different table present in MYsql?..

Answer / subrat

MyISAM: This is default. Based on Indexed Sequntial Access
Method. The above SQL will create a MyISA table.
ISAM : same
HEAP : Fast data access, but will loose data if there is a
crash. Cannot have BLOB, TEXT & AUTO INCRIMENT fields
BDB : Supports Transactions using COMMIT & ROLLBACK. Slower
that others.
InoDB : same as BDB

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What are the different table present in MYsql?..

Answer / sankar

its not inoDB is InnoDB

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What are the different table present in MYsql?..

Answer / rajesh kumar

BDB supports transaction and page level locking. InnoDB
Supports Foreign Keys, Row level locking & transaction .

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