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how to apply job in sbi

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If Indian government passes a rule that the people working under government sector & their respective family members must join in governmnet schools and colleges for their studies and in case of any health problems or emergency cases their respective family members must be admitted in government hospitals and will not be allowed in any many of them will to work unnder govenment sector

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hai sir, i need APGENCO Mechanical Sub-Engineer (Mech) Diploma and Electrical Sub-Engineer (EEE) previous papers. pls send to mail id:

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Can anybody have aptransco model papers Please share ??

3 Answers   APTransco, JLM,

hi friends i looking for NIC exam question pattern. if any one have plz send it to my mail. My mail ID :

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Is there any transfers allowed for Postal Assistants;to his native(Home)town ?

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pls provide me the answer if a interviwer asks me a question like why should i hire you,why r u interested in doing job in sbi?

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can u send me ssc tax assistance solved sample paper of 5 years i will be thankfull of u i have paper on next week plz this is my mail id plz send it (

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is it true that for SBI PO criteria is: 60% in +2 for general candidates?

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6 8(7_8)℅=?

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please post me last 10 years sbi clerical exam question paper to my email

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I hav applied for reservation clerk post in chennai..iam in need of help regarding the exam questions and pls do the needed favour to me by mailing to

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