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I have got the approval on my H1B visa from a US company in
2010, and currently my Indian company is filing L1B
petition. I didn't attend the H1B visa until now. What could
be the H1B status, even after I receive my L1B visa.

Will have H1B petition valid, and so I can go for interview
whenever I wish ?

Please let me know ASAP.

I have got the approval on my H1B visa from a US company in 2010, and currently my Indian company i..

Answer / niyazuddin


There is no hassles in getting your H1B petition. But you
should know that, any single time, you will be allowed to
go to USA only on any one visa. If your passport is having
L1 visa stamping and if you go for H1B visa stamping,
automatically your L1 visa will be cancelled and then they
issue H1B visa.

There is always risk is involved in this. Because first
they cancel your L1 visa and then they may or may not issue
H1B visa depending on documentation and your interview

you can call me or email me , if you have any further
doubts in this regard.

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