Will H1B approve if I submit 221(g) documents after six months?

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Will H1B approve if I submit 221(g) documents after six months?..

Answer / sek

Yes. I also faced the same issue. I have received 221 G for
the month of Jan 2007. I received all the necessary
documnts from my employer after 10 months.I have submitted
the docments & Got the Visa.

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Will H1B approve if I submit 221(g) documents after six months?..

Answer / heet_pink


I got 221(g) for H1B visa from Mumbai consulate in Jan 2010.
My employer is now able to dispatch documents almost after
six months, i.e. July 2010. Is there any chance that my H1B
will be approved in this case if I submit the documents to
consulate? Has anyone faced same situation and got visa?


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i applied for H1B to US and i'm going next week to interview. i'm working as programmer are they ask any question related to my working platform. i mean are they going to check my knowledge on subject.

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I was attened for H1b in chennai embassy,on nov14th 2005, but its in Admin Query, after few months exactly 364 days i got a personnel interview, in that they said we r sending ur file to INS because u dont have background computers, but in MBA i have computers subject i said, and i too worked in Canada for 1.5 years. Till Now i did't get the status, no response what to do....

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