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what is the difference between maoism ,naxalism ,and communism?

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what is the difference between maoism ,naxalism ,and communism?..

Answer / manikantha

Maoisms originated in china. It has Its roots derived from
Mao-Zedong, the famous chinese thought maker. Naxalists are
indian origin. Their ideology comprises the ideology of
Lenin and Marx, Russian philosophers. Also Maoism is derived
from Mao-Zedong similarly Naxalism is derived from Naxalbari
village of West Bengal. The basic difference is origin of
ideology between the two. Both are a threat to democratic
nation and especially nations like india where they are
outnumbering the security forces in their region. This
ideology have no place in democratic countries and should be
condemed. Mass should understand and be non-supportive to
this groups. Violent fights claim several lives of security
forces as well as rebels who are finally citizens of india.
Awake yourself and awken people around you to live in safe
and secure nation. I am proud of nation and it values
imparted on me and every indian should be.

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what is the difference between maoism ,naxalism ,and communism?..

Answer / pooja sharma

communism is the religion differences in the community in
which we live.
naxalism is occuring in the terrorism between the nations .
maoism is related to the unusual circumstances occuring due
to the reservation of the different status/categories of

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