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How Much TDS will deducted for contract empolyee, while his
CTC is 9000/-per month

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i have interview on 23 june in IOB My problem is that i have passed in 2007 and idle since then what should i write in experience coloumn

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what is the job profile of ministerial.

0 Answers   CRPF,

Distinguish between development and revenue accunts and revenues accounts. What are the main accounts that the government are using

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sir please give me the interviuew tips of clerical examination

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please send me placement papers for POs in oriental bank of commerce

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how and what to study for postal assistant exam

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I am appearing for SAIL MT TECH COMPUTER SCIENCE. NEED SAMPLE QP my emaid id is

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Hello Dear!, Anybody knows the "SYLLABUS" for "Deputy Field Officer" here? If know plz plz.... tell me

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I am selected as a SORTING ASSISTANT in RMS 'T' Division (Tiruchirapalli) Department of Posts, India (Central Government Job) 29th Dec 2009. How about the future career growth in this job?

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The Chairman of the Law Commission of India is

1 Answers   KPSC Karnataka Public Service Corporation,

i got selected in the written test of postal assistant and i was called for certificate verification. Can anyone share their experience of their interview and how would be the verification done?

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DNA is made up of

0 Answers   TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,