what is the percentage of W.C.T T.D.S to deduct from vendor,
and is this includes T.D.S deduction or again T.D.S has to
deduct separately?

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what is the percentage of income tax at construction companys

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if we are going to get the refund afterwards so why we should pay in advance the excise duty? if the excise duty paid in advance then what are the benifits for the company?

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I am paying LIP to my daughter Rs 12500 per annum since 5 years. last year she got married. Pl advice me whether I can add her LIP payment to my savings to get Tax benifit

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why we use 2.06% and 2.266% of tds rate in one contract.what is the difference?

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how esic be calculated? On basic salary or earned salary? If i have gave advance salary to an employee in last month then how should i deduct the salary take an example if salary of an employee is Rs. 4750 and i deduct rs. 83 as esic contribution in current month if i've gave 83 in advance in last month then how much money exactly i give him. means esic cut on 4667 or 4750?

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How TDS Is Calculated

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How filing quarterly return HUF TDS?

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1.What is the meaning of tranfer income?

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what is a rule for issue form 38 and tham form c any purchaser can issue form 38 or there is certain rule and regulation.

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Hello Sir, Please send the knowing calculation of attrition rate?

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what is TDS and which apply on and its what is diffrent rates on diffrent items.

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