Identify the command that disables name-to-address translation?

A.) Router(config-dns)# no ip domain-lookup

B.) Router(config)# no address translation

C.) Router(config)# no ip domain-lookup

D.) Router(config)# ip domain-lookup

Identify the command that disables name-to-address translation? A.) Router(config-dns)# no ip dom..

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Answer: C

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What is the default switching method for the Cisco 5000 series? A.) Cut-through B.) Store-and-splice C.) Latency D.) Store-and-forward

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Identify the true statements about the following access list: Access-list 101 deny tcp any eq 23 Access-list 101 permit ip any any A.) This access list prevents the host from telneting B.) This access list prevents any telnet traffic from subnet C.) This access list filters some telnet access D.) This access list denies any telnet traffic to subnet E.) This access list is invalid F.) The netmask on the this access list is reversed

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Hi, I am littl bit confused about ip Addressing scheme? can someone tell me how can we assign ip addresses to pc

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Which commands would assign and enable IPX on an interface ? A.) enable netware B.) enable novell-ether C.) router#(config)ipx routing D.) You must first enable IPX globally and then assign the network number to the interface . E.) enable ipx F.) router#(config-if)ipx network 4a

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