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where exactly we can use OPNQRYF ?

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where exactly we can use OPNQRYF ?..

Answer / guest513

OPNQRYF has multiple usages
- for dynamic selection of records, no overhead as per the
access paths.
- if needed we can create the copy of the above selected
records using CPYFRMQRYF
- to share the data path for the dynamic selected records,
so that the overhead in accessing the above records will be

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where exactly we can use OPNQRYF ?..

Answer / mounika

1.dynamic selection of records will use existing file access path.
3.if we want use physical members give ovrdbf(filename)mbroption(mrb1)
4.we can set rrn position to particular record.

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where exactly we can use OPNQRYF ?..

Answer / krishna

This is a seven part value that consists of a date (yymmdd)
and time(hhmmss and microseconds).
Which occupy 10 bytes.Cobol declaration will be X(26)

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