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If we started new project of Housing with Construction
linked payment plan . How can booked our revenue or Sales .

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some example of prepaid expance

3 Answers  

What is the nature of bank account: a) nominal b) real c) personal

29 Answers   IBM,

paid landlord rs 1.200 for rent one -third of the premises is occupied by proprietor for his own residnce what will be the entry

3 Answers   Chartered Accountant,

Which company is coded in SENSEX ?

1 Answers  

Why don't show the opening & closing stock in Trial Balance.

3 Answers  

how did prepare the trail balance & profit & loss A/c and balance sheet

1 Answers  

We have an boat manufacturing company .we customer order one boat the cost is 1130 .we have received advance 500 balance he will give after giving boat can you give me journal entry cash A/c Dr 500 customer A/c Dr 630 To Sales 1130 is this entry is correct ?if not please give me exact entry

3 Answers  

how to prepare balance sheet

8 Answers   Genpact,

We may get profit or loss from business. If so we can name the statement as Profit or Loss account. But since a long time we are naming it as Profit and Loss account. Why?

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what is surcharge on which purpose is used please explain

1 Answers   Wipro,

When we received payment from creditors

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What is the journal entry for due salary

14 Answers   Enrich,