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Accounting transactions are recorded in accordance with
thier legal form or substance. Briefly explain the legal
form and substance of the accounting transactions and give
one relevant example.

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What can be done incase of excess payment of TDS Remittence than the actual amount? Is there any adjustment towards the excess amount with the upcoming TDS payment? Reference of last quarter challan should be shown while adjusting in next quarter?

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what is average due date ?

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2. Cash Break Even: SIPW Company sell windows. Windows are sold for $ 25/- each. Variable cost is $ 15/- per door and total Fixed Operating Costs are $ 50,000 /- which includes depreciation in the amount of $ 2,000/-. How many units of windows the company has to sell for Cash Break Even?

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Where I can Found Cost Reduction Techniques Implemented by Various cement Companies

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In South Africa , the current rate for value added tax is ?

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What is Contingent Liability?

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In the balance sheet, where do you show tds?

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what is the mean of ABC analysis ?

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How much statistics knowledge is necessary or required in accounting?

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We have bought a vehicle amounting and take a loan from bank and some part has been paid by Cash.

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At the time of depreciation run we selected actual dep key is 5% but we taken 7% so the depreciation was posted wrongly how to rectify it?

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what is the examples of direct income

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