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who is debtor and creditor?

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who is debtor and creditor?..

Answer / aisha nadeem

Debtor: the person from whom the buisness have to receive
the money or we can say purchaser.

Creditor: the person to whom the buisness have to pay the
maoney or we can say supplier from whom the buisness
purchse materials on credits.

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who is debtor and creditor?..

Answer / kavita

Debtors: Debtors are also called Customers. when we sale
material on credit to party, than they call our debtors.

Creditors: Creditors are also called Supplier. When we
purchase material on credit from party than they called our

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who is debtor and creditor?..

Answer / lokesh reddy

Y not to say debtor is asset
Creaditor is a liability

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who is debtor and creditor?..

Answer / buddhpal

Debtors is purchaser and creditor is saller.

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