Identify the 4 that are not LAN technologies?



C.) 802.5



F.) Frame Relay

Identify the 4 that are not LAN technologies? A.) HDLC B.) FDDI C.) 802.5 D.) HSSI E...

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Answer: A D E F

802.5 and FDDI are LAN technologies

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Where is the point between the customers site and the phone carrier that responsibility changes? A.) CO B.) Demarc C.) DCE D.) DTE E.) CPE

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You are a system administrator on a NetWare network, you are running NetWare 4.11 and you cannot communicate with your router. What is the likely problem? A. NetWare 4.11 defaults to 802.2 encapsulation. B. NetWare 4.11 defaults to 802.3 encapsulation C. Cisco routers only work with NetWare 3.11. D. NetWare 3.11 defaults to 802.2 encapsulation.

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How the STP determinw that which Port should be Root Port, which port should be Designeted Port , Blocking Port and Forwarding Port in Layer 2 STP topology

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