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can u send to me logo pilot questions?

can u send to me logo pilot questions?..

Answer / battina.giriteja


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how to become m.r o?

0 Answers  

It is not advisable to sleep under a tree at night because of the (1) Release of carbon monoxide (2) Release of oxygen in larger amount (3) Release of carbon dioxide (4) Release of oxygen in lesser amount

5 Answers  

Which of the following statements is wrong ? (a) sin2? + cos2? = 1 (b) 1 + tan2? = sec2? (c) sin2? - cos2? = 1 (d) sin2? = 2 sin? cos?

2 Answers  

An article is marked 20% above cost price. The shop-keeper allows a discount of 10% on it. What is his gain or loss percent? (1) 10% (2) 8% (3) 9% (4) None of these

3 Answers  

dear sir i need je civil p.way question model

0 Answers  

hi. i am having rrb exam for section engg. (electrical&electronics).for tecnical test question which book is preferred.

3 Answers   RRB,

Please send RRB Ticket Examiner/ Ticket Collector previous years question papers & syllabus

9 Answers   First Group, RRB,

Who is the present soccer coach of Indian National team? (1) Alberto Colaco (2) Sukhwinder Singh (3) P. K. Banerjee (4) Stephen Constantine

3 Answers  

Dear Sir, I am Mani, I have applied chennai rrb for Jr. engr. II Elect. Dept. Post, I need Model Question Paper last 5 year Thanks and regards Mani

0 Answers   Hatsun, Hindalco, RRB,

At the end of a business conference all the ten people present shake hands with each other once. How many handshakes will there be altogether? (1) 90 (2) 55 (3) 45 (4) 20

3 Answers   RRB,

?SARS? stands for (a) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (b) Type of Bird (c) Sensitive Acute Respiratory Syndrome (d) Secretive Acute Respiratory Syndrome

2 Answers  

I want to join indaian railway in group A/B/C.How I should prepare myself for written tests?

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