What is the Cisco name for the encapsulation type used on a

serial interface?





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Answer: A

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HDLC(High-Level Data Link Control)

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Which statement is true? A. While bridges are used to segment networks, they will not isolate broadcast or multicast packets. B. A bridge looks at every packet within its network segment and works like a hub re-broadcasting the packet if the destination is within its network segment. C. A bridge maintains a table of the IP addresses of the hosts within its network segment and forwards the packet directly to the destination based upon the IP address. D. A bridge resets the hop count by keeping all packets within the network segment. Only packets addressed to a specific destination host outside the network segment are allowed to pass through the bridge.

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Identify the components in the following command 'interface serial0/1/1' A.) Serial interface, port number 0, slot 1, port adapter 1 B.) Serial interface, slot 1, port number 1, port adapter 0 C.) Serial interface, slot 0, port adapter 1, port number 1

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Which two statements about frame tagging are true? (Choose two) A. A filtering table is developed for each switch. B. Frame tagging assigns a unique user defined ID to each frame. C. A unique identifier is placed in the header of each frame as it is forwarded between switches. D. Frame tagging is a technique that examines particular information about each frame based on user defined offsets.

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Hi my company network is creating loop and network performence is big slow and also all pc don,t get dhcp ip so pls let me know what is happing in my network.

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Identify the order of the 5 step encapsulation? 1) Create the segment 2) Convert the frame to bits 3) Create the packet 4) Create the frame 5) User creates the data A.) 1,2,4,2,5 B.) 2,1,3,4,5 C.) 5,1,3,4,2 D.) 5,3,4,1,2

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In the setup dialog, what do the square brackets indicate? A. current or default spores B. hard coded values that cannot be modified C. values entered by the administrator but not saved D. values that must be written to NVRAM before becoming enabled

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what is distance vector protocol link state protocol and what is the diffrence between them

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Identify the type of hardware required to connect a Token ring network to an Ethernet network? A.) Repeater B.) TR-Enet C.) Router D.) Token Ring to Ethernet translation hub

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