What is the Cisco name for the encapsulation type used on a

serial interface?





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Answer: A

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HDLC(High-Level Data Link Control)

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What is a key use of a device hardware address? A. to obtain a vendor code / serial number from the user B. to transmit a frame from one Interface to another Interface C. to transmit a packet from one local device to another local device D. to transmit data from one local device to a remote device across the internet E. to contain logical information about the device to use for end-to-end transmission

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Which global configuration command will tell the router to load the IOS file 'IOS_filename' from FLASH memory at the next boot? A.) boot system flash B.) boot system flash IOS_filename C.) boot system IOS_filename flash D.) boot system tftp IOS_filename tftp_address E.) config-register 0x0102 IOS_ filename

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If configuring a Cisco router to connect to a non-Cisco router across a Frame Relay network, which encapsulation type would you select? A.) Q933a B.) ISDN C.) IETF D.) CISCO E.) ANSI

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When determining whether or not to route a LAN segment, which rule of thumb do you use? A.) 60/40 B.) 50/50 C.) 80/20 D.) 90/10 E.) 70/30

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On Cisco catalyst 5000 how would you set the second port on the controller in the first slot to full duplex? A.) Set port duplex 1/1 full B.) Set port duplex 1/2 full C.) Set port duplex 0/1 full D.) Set port duplex 0/2 full

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What is NOT a characteristic of a network segment on a switch? A. The segment has its own collision domain B. The segment can translate from one media to a different media C. All devices in the segment are part of the same broadcast domain D. One device per segment can concurrently send frames to the switch.

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How does the cut-through switching technique work? A.) By using broadcast address as source addresses B.) The switch waits only for the header to be received before it checks the destination address and starts forwarding the packets C.) The LAN switch copies the entire frame into its onboard buffers and then looks up the destination address in its forwarding, or switching, table and determines the outgoing interface D.) By using a Class I repeater in a collision domain

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What is the Between Normal Switch and Manageable Switch?

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Which layer is responsible for determining if sufficient resources for the intended communication exists? A.) Application B.) Network C.) Session D.) Presentation E.) Transport

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What is the command to allow you to type Tokyo instead of the IP address to access a router named Tokyo? A.) config t, ip host Tokyo B.) config t, ip hostname Tokyo C.) config t, hostname Tokyo D.) config t, ip hostname Tokyo

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Write an access list line which will deny node to anywhere on your network using DNS via UDP. Don't worry about the other access list lines.

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(1)what is "rtp" and how it work, (2)what is diffrence between igrp and eigrp (3)the slection prcedure of dr and bdr is depend open (4)why frame really is called nbma (5)what is ppp (6) what is diffrence b/w tcp and udp (7) how can we implement ospf protocall on any router (8)whta is as nomber (9)what is AD value (10)what is the broadcast id,n/w id and number of vallid host of the (11) what is stub network (12) what is contigues n/w (13)on which type of router we can implement default routing (14)what is diffrence b/w hub switch;switch router, (15)what is v lan (16)what is the diffrence b/w link sate protocal and distance vector protocall (17)what is synchoransh mode of data transfer and asynchronash mode of data transfer (18) question on lab, belive me frnds there are 20 questions and 5 questions on lab implimentaion.around 1.1/2 hour i was in interview room and after givieng 17 right answera and 4 in lab i got slected try to give answer if any difficulty or any prob plz email me on jitenderasinha.it@gmail.com if any one of you havae boson netsim plz also intimate me

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