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You want to enable both arpa and snap encapsulation on one

router interface. How do you do this?

A. The interface can handle multiple encapsulation types

with no extra configuration.

B. Assign two network numbers, one for each encapsulation


C. Enable Novell-ether to run multiple encapsulation types.

D. Both arpa and snap are enabled by default so you don't

have to configure anything.

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You want to enable both arpa and snap encapsulation on one router interface. How do you do this? ..

Answer / guest

Answer: B

To assign multiple network numbers, you usually

use subinterfaces. A sample configuration follows:

ipx ethernet 0.1

ipx encapsulation novell-ether

ipx network 9e

interface ethernet 0.2

ipx encapsulation sap

ipx network 6c

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You want to enable both arpa and snap encapsulation on one router interface. How do you do this? ..

Answer / matak

The router would respond to both ARPA and SNAP but only use by default ARPA to resolve layer 2 to 3 mappings.

I guess answer D is halfway right. You can enable both but you will send both ARPA and SNAP ARPs every time.

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