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Hi,I am 3yrs exp IT Professional. I had attended interviews
from two companies and cleared all the rounds in both the
companies. for example company 'A' & 'B'. (In both I
preferred Company 'B' most).But Company A released the
offer letter immediately and company 'B' did not released
the offer at that time. So i thought the company is not
ready to offer the package which I preferred. So i joined
the company 'A'. After 3 weeks the company 'B' released the
offer letter with preferred package.
Now I want to join comapany 'B'.Unfortunetly i joined the
Company 'A' and 3 weeks was completed.
Is there any chance to join company 'B'?.If i joined what
kind of legal action can be taken on me from company 'A'?

Please advice me is it Good to switch now else better to be
here in the company 'A'.

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