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A manufacturing defect stops a parachute from deploying in a charity skydive leading to two people dying. Is this manslaughter or murder?

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what is the status of companies regarding merger, demerger and amalgamation in India ?

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This website is completely time wasting stuff. nothing arranged proper (all info in zigzag and like "@@@@@@".

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How you will react if you find that someone you work with does not like you?

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What is the service tax rate on WCT ( work contract tax) in haryana state

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I am a merchant exporter,I want purchase products of steel items from the registered dealer. what is the procedure for it ? and what procedure for the Excise rebate claims?

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how computation of tax for toll naka will be done

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Should judges have a legislative role?

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Suppose, an organisation has purchased goods for Rs.50000 (including CST-Rs.1000). But I have paid Rs. 48000 only after deducting Rs.2000 towards Late Delivery, as agreed before. Now, my question is 'am i right to issue 'C' Form for Rs.48000 (i.e.50000-2000) ? Please guide me.

1 Answers   Indo Pellets,

What are the fundamental differences between US and British Law? What are the implications of this?

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What is your view on the "sufficient benefit" test in legally aided work?

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what is the date for filling Quaterly rturn in case it is not submitted upto last date of it.

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