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from user point of view wht is the test case for notepad

from user point of view wht is the test case for notepad..

Answer / ranganathan.p

Hi im new to s/w testing...myself dint know much about
testing..i can suggest some testceses for notepad..i know
surely it have grmmatic errors so plz correct it.... a note pad it should display a text area and menu bar
2.check whether it accepts alphabets
3.check whether it accepts special chars like $,%,& etc..
4.check whether minimize maximize close buttons buttons are
work properly
5.check, when moving a cursor into the menu bar it should
highlights menu bar
6.similarly check the sub menu of the note
pad(File->open,New are highlighted)
7.Check when click File->new it opens a new new notepad or not
8.similarly check all those functions in the menu bar
9.check shortcut key functions are working properly
10.type some contents into notepad and close it, before
closing file check whether it asks save ,no,cancel
11.check horizontal,vertical scroll bar
12.check whether name of the file is displayed on header

these are things i know for testing a notepad.. plz correct
the grammatical errors and if there is suggestion plz suggest me

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