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What is Release Note and its contents?

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What is Release Note and its contents?..

Answer / rajendra prasad reddy penumall

Release Notes contains:
A brief Introduction of the software
Software requirements(compatible O.S)
Hardware requirements(compatible processor).
Known limitations(SW+HW)
Known BUGS and workarounds
Installation Guides..etc

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What is Release Note and its contents?..

Answer / sridhar

Before Release the application , we will send Release Note
Document to Client

Release Note Contain mainly...

1.Known Bugs in Application
2.How to Resolve when you face a problem with know bug

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What is Release Note and its contents?..

Answer / deepak bhosale

What is Release Notes?
Release notes is a document, which is released as part of the final build that contains new enhancements that went in as part of that release and also the known issues of that build.

Release Notes are usually written by technical writers which are communication documents shared with clients. Release notes also feed the process of end-user documentation, user guide and training materials.

Release Notes Format:
Header - Name of the document, which carries product name, release number, release date, release note date and version.

Overview - An overview of the product and changes to the recent software version.

Purpose - An overview of the purpose of the release notes which lists the new feature, enhancements and defects of the current build.

Issue Summary - Provides description about the defect.

End-User Impact - Provides information about the end-users impact due to the defect.

Contact - Support contact information.

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What is Release Note and its contents?..

Answer / uday

Release note is also called as Installation note. This
document provide information about, how to setup the
Project in the real environment.
These includes how to
configuring files
creating DBs
registering DLLs etc.....

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