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Sir I am BE (IT) i selected in sbi written exam. so what
questions they asked including my subject please send me
the answer. and also tell me the suitable answer of the
question is "Why do you want to join our bank?" please send
me the answer in my e-mail

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Hi....... I got selected for SBI aptitude exam. My exam is on 7 th may 2010. I belong to "BC" catergory. so i marked "General" in my Application Form. Do i need to produce community certificate for that.

1 Answers  

What is Transaction(RDBMS)

5 Answers   ISRO,

When will be the training for newly selected postal assistants 2010?

5 Answers  

police rank of mumbai

0 Answers  

which common saLt is mixed with ice, the meLting point

0 Answers   TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

is government aware of the condition of kulpi road? do not take it otherwise .it is a general q to gov of w.bengal for the benefit of general people who support you whole heartedly . i will be obliged if kindly take necessary action as early as possible because rain play havoc for them.

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is there any second list or waiting list will be announced from sbi for clerk? i lost sbi clerk by 1 mark in tamilnadu circle... friends pls tell me if u know? also when?

1 Answers   NIC, State Bank Of India SBI,

please send me sbi questions of last 5 years 2 my mail address

0 Answers  

please send me SBI placement paper urgently

15 Answers   Clerical Jobs, State Bank Of India SBI,

tell us about yourself why do you leave ur job. what changes can you bring to the organisation what is your salary expectation

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For one of the entrance exam i haveseen that 10+2 of the 10+2+3 is required. Waht is meant by that? plz reply me

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could u send me the model papers available for drug inspector exam at

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