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hi..this is kartheek..complted mca in 2009..but i dont have
knowledge in programing..but to learn new language.. which
one is suitable for me?is SAP or IBM mainframes is suitable
for me..?if it suits how much will it costs..?pls answer...

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hi viewers, tell me,what is scripting and programming, define and difference...pls

0 Answers   Symphony,

Given three sides of a triangle. Write the Program to determine whether the triangle is : 1) Invalid 2) Right Angled 3) Isoscales 4) Equilateral 5) Not Special An Isoscales right angled triangle should be taken as a Right Angled Triangle

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how many logical drive we can form to physical device in our computer?

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Who is the Best SAS/Clinical Trainer in Hyderabad

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I m new to the dbms. Recently i came across words clustered indexes & nonclustered indexes but i dont know what is this all about & whats the difference between them.. So please help me!!!!!!!!

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converting 41.685 to binary

1 Answers   Hughes,

Write a program to implement BFS/ DFS routine in a connected graph

1 Answers  

What are the Short cut Keys of Tally ERP?

0 Answers x=10; float y=20; a=x%2=? b=y%2=?

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Given a Binary Search Tree, write a program to print the kth smallest element without using any static/global variable. You can?t pass the value k to any function also.

0 Answers   Amazon,

What is the best action a system can take when deadlock is detected

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How to connect to ms word wit VB ojective is to prepare s/w to generate question paper , selects questions randomly from the ms access , database

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