What is blocked defect?

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What is blocked defect?..

Answer / avashesh shukla

A blocked defect is that in which further test cases can
not be executed.
ex: If test script contains 100 steps & script has a defect
at step 67th & next test steps can not excuted due to this
defect then this defect is declared as blocked defect.

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What is blocked defect?..

Answer / jayaprakash

Blocked Defect is the defect which is blocked for retesting
due to other defects, though the its ready to retest. Ex.
Consider the defect raised on SB account page[Defect-1].
later one more defect raised on login page[Defect -2]. Here
Defect-1 we are calling as Blocked Defect, since unless the
login page defect will get resolved , you are not able to
enter SB account page and not able to verify.

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