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write the test cases for traffic signal and sensor doors.

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write the test cases for traffic signal and sensor doors...

Answer / jaga

1. Check whether three lamps are present in traffic signal post.
2. Check whether green lamp is glowing.
3. Check whether red lamp is glowing.
4. Check whether orange lamp is glowing.
5. Check whether orange lamp is dimming and glowing again
and again.
6. Check when green lamp is glowing all other two lamps are
in off condition.
7. Check when orange lamp is on, other two lamps(green and
red) should be in off condition.
8. Check when red lamp is on (green and orange) should be in
off condition.
9. Check when green is turning off, orange should glow for (
X seconds) and then off and immediately, red should turn on.
10.Once the red has been turned off green should immediately

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write the test cases for traffic signal and sensor doors...

Answer / raghavender

1>> Check whether it has 3 seprate color Display Boxes.
(Like Green,Orange,Red)-Cosmetic Testing
2>>Check when Green is On the Other light(Red and Green)are
off-Functional Testing
3>>Check when Red is on the Other 2 Lights are off.-
Functional Testing
4>>Check when Orange is on the Other 2 lights are off.-
Functional Testing.
5>>Check when Green is turning OFF the Red light should
automatically ON
6>>Check when RED is Turning OFF then the orange light
should be automatically turned on.

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