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Can any body send the Contact phone no.s or Address for
Groups Audio cds

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Please tell me the entire group 2 syllabus in briefly?

2 Answers  

I am preparing for Divisional Account officer in grade 2, in interview on which topics mainly they will ask questions

4 Answers   TCS,

Sir/Madom this is first for me.Iwant to know the syllabus of Group2 exam & what's the time limit for it & what's the pattern of the Questionpaper

0 Answers   APPSC,

Can anybody propose any kind of material? or if u can send me the material through ebooks plz do the same to this mail id. Thanks for ur co-operation.

0 Answers  

will any relaxation for serviceman in appsc group 2 jobs

1 Answers  

how to get hall ticket

4 Answers   APPSC,

Iwant RC REDDY MATERIAL.How much cost it is?

4 Answers  

Sir I complete my B.Sc(computers) with subjects mathamatics and statistics and computer science.which books are i am prepare the group 2 exam and how many jobs in group 2 and which catagiries send me my e-mail

0 Answers   APPSC,

request forward appsc group-II all others previous question papers for the year 2000-09.

2 Answers   APPSC, IBM,

I have not yet received Group II Exam. Hall Ticket. The exam is on 20 Septemeber2008. My application no.5400309. There is no link for Duplicate Hall Tickets in APPSC website. Please advise if there is any telephone number to contact?

3 Answers  

Light year is the ?

1 Answers  

what is the portion of groupII

2 Answers  

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