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how would maths help you while doing finance.

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how would maths help you while doing finance...

Answer / sumith singh

Maths is quite interesting and logical subject, all that
you need to do is,to makeout the logic behind a given
question and choose the appropriate formule to solve the
given question or task. Maths helps you to calculate small
calculations , such as; taking out (%)percentage and etc.
To see weather the company can get any profit or not by the
task given or by the project given, an earily estimation of
profit or loss can be makeout of the calculations. It is as
simple as that Maths is a required subject in any feild of
business calculations. Though you have maths in MBA Finance
as part of your accounts subjects, banking accounts and
etc. so Maths helps alot to you in MBA Finance. If you are
a mathamatics student then you wont face a lot of problems
but if you are a commerce background student then you have
to prepare verywell.

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how would maths help you while doing finance...

Answer / nmk prasad

Operetion research

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