implement OR gate without using any bitwise operator.

implement OR gate without using any bitwise operator...

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c = a + b

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logic for x=y^n

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main() { int ptr[] = {1,2,23,6,5,6}; printf("%d",&ptr[3]-&ptr[0]); }

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There are N egg baskets and the number of eggs in each basket is a known quantity. Two players take turns to remove these eggs from the baskets. On each turn, a player must remove at least one egg, and may remove any number of eggs provided they all belong to the same basket. The player picking the last egg(s) wins the game. If you are allowed to decide who is going to start first, what mathematical function would you use to decide so that you end up on the winning side?

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prototype of sine function.

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i want to asked a question about c program the question is: create a c program that displays all prime numbers less than 500? using looping statement

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what are two kinds of java

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sum of two integers values only other then integer it should print invalid input.

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pgm to find number of words starting with capital letters in a file(additional memory usage not allowed)(if a word starting with capital also next letter in word is capital cann't be counted twice)

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Rapunzel walks into the forest of forgetfullness. She meets a Lion who lies on Monday Tuesdays and Wednesdays and meets a rabbit who lies on Thurs fridays and saturdays . On that day both say that "I lied yesterday". What day is it .

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what are the difference between ANSI C and Let Us c and Turbo C

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what are the general concepts of c and c++

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write the program to find multiplication of 2-D matrix??????????

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