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wjy did you apply in a call center? why not in a bank?

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wjy did you apply in a call center? why not in a bank?..

Answer / sarabjeet

i want 2 join bpo bcoz nower a days bpo has a goood place n
demand in market. i just need an opportunity, once trained
can make it better.well when it comes to bank job,bpo jobs
r best whn compare to it.

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wjy did you apply in a call center? why not in a bank?..

Answer / skeptictheist

I've already tried applying in a bank but it has differences that's why I pushed forth my application in call centers. First of in banks help is not absolutely guaranteed where you have to go first in a local bank and avail a service that will take longer hours that makes it inconvenient and impractical. While doing it online you can just dial the number and ask for help to a customer service and they'll take charge of all your needs and help you solve your problems with the service. That's why I chose to work in a contact center to help the people thru a friendly manner and service is guaranteed.

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wjy did you apply in a call center? why not in a bank?..

Answer / uma shankar

I'm join the bpo becouse i'm satisfied the job in the
bpo,but i'm not satisfied job in the bank.

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