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Why no in Idia, and oly USA???

Why no in Idia, and oly USA???..

Answer / vab


Firstly say i can do this course in india also but
it like as a reading, writing means reading refer text
book, read it before and write it and pass it. so, we can
understand that in our country we can't gain high knowledge
and tecnical skills which is in US education environement.
Moreover, competition is tuff in india becoz more than 40%
seats are reserved for SC and ST category. some seats are
paid only few seats are left for general students.

USA is 6 years a head in the quality of education
as compared to the rest of the world. So, i want to persue
my course in US to make myself standout and impressive.

with regards

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my cousin broyher is in usa can i tell my cousin brother is going to sponsor me

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I have a GRE score of 1210 and a TOEFL iBT score of 114. I had applied to just one University for the spring 2011 intake. I received an I 20 from the University. It is the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Whay are my chances of fairing in the interview. Would my scores be considered low??

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myself pooja and i hve applied for f1 student visa for US on 12 august 2010 for johnson & wales universityand my college reporting date is 30 august 2010. now again i am goin to apply for student visa bt now with new york institute of this question be raised and if yes, then wat should be the answer. plz reply me satisfactory answer ans as soon as possible because my interview is on 24 august 2010.

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Hi Friends.Please let me know the answer to be given to VO in Vis ainterview. :why you are leaving your current job".

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I am working as a Chief Account Officer. I have over 12 years of experience in accounts and finance. I have applied for the certificate in accounting which is one year course from San Diego University for Integrative Studies. The Toefl and official transcript is not required for this certificate course but the university will be taking placement english test on arrival there. The university is issuing the I-20 and acceptance letter for F1 visa. I am having a doubt that the US consulate will reject my student visa for not showing the TOEFL score and Official Transcript. Kindly let me know that the TOEFL score and the official transcript is mandatory for seeking F1 student visa. I look forward for the help.

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actually university is not asking TOEFL score.Is it necessary to write the TOEFL test

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Hi frnds..this is prasad.2009 passed out .i have 62% in my and toefl score is 89 and gre score is 800. I attend VISA interview on 16th July it is rejected. She ask's what r u doing so For the last one year... Please give me better answer

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HI iam from delhi . my VISA rejected Twice . i applied SSU california . I have done MCA & 3 year Exp wid IT MNC. now i want go for MBA. Got my I-20. 1st time due to some SEVIS issue but VO said u will not come back thats why i cant issue visa. Iam showing 3 crore 88 lac rupees in my CA statement . 2nd time VO said u have enough Qualification so u dont need MBA ... my frnd already got Visa in same university. plezzzz soem 1 help me ... Its my Dream & every thing . I will book for 3rd time . what i do now .. Plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HELPPPPPPPPPPP

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hello everyone.i have been rejected thrice for in ma interview last year in da month of december,,n m again planning to apply for august 2011.last tym i had appliedto da university of central oklahoma,,its cost was $16000 after getting $2000.i had shown property of abt may b nepali 7 crore,n had bank blc of 40 lakhs n hav monthly income of abt 35 lakhs,all documents r original,,ma a levl grades maths-E, chemistry-E n general paper-b..dey rejected me once telling i had no intention of studyn,,,next property not enough,,n last tym also,da same,,,wat m i to do,,,is it bkoz of ma grades or property or wat,,any commenst plzz,,m dying over here,,like hell

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why is there large amount of money infusion ,as shown in the passbook?

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after hearing my GRE and toefl scores which are 1020 and 85 respectively, if the interviewer ask that why the sores are so low what should i reply. And if same question is repeated for my degree %age which is 65% suggest me reply

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i have face two rejection,i am a arts student who did his masters in public administration, during visa interview i was nervous, i gave wrong information to inteviewer, is their is any possibility of us student visa guide me plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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