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Struts follows which design patterns?

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Struts follows which design patterns?..

Answer / aravind

Struts follow Front Controller, Command Design - Action Servlet

Request Processor will use Template Pattern

Action class will follow Adapter Design Pattern.

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Struts follows which design patterns?..

Answer / neeraj

struts follows front controller , adpater design pattern

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Struts follows which design patterns?..

Answer / sairam

Some Designpatterns are implicitly avaliable in struts
frame work.1.MVC 2.Singleton 3.DTO 4.Application
Controller5.Front Controller

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Struts follows which design patterns?..

Answer / rajeev shrivastava

Struts is a frame work based on Model View Controller (MVC)
design pattern. We can also implement other design patterns
like front controller, business deligate, and Data Access

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