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How to identify HUB and SWITCH, without connecting to network?
Is it possible?

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How to identify HUB and SWITCH, without connecting to network? Is it possible?..

Answer / suresh

A hub can send or receive information, but it can’t do both at the same time. This makes hubs slower than switches. Hubs are the least complex and the least expensive of these devices.

Switches work the same way as hubs, but they can identify the intended destination of the information that they receive, so they send that information to only the computers that are supposed to receive it. Switches can send and receive information at the same time, so they can send information faster than hubs can.

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How to identify HUB and SWITCH, without connecting to network? Is it possible?..

Answer / maverick_ph

simple..just take a look of the label if its a hub or a switch..

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