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What is MTP?

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What is MTP?..

Answer / jai

MTP is message transfer part.It is further devided in three
parts MTP1,MTP2&MTP3.
In the SS7 arctitecture it is lowest layer(first three
MTP1----->physical connectivity between two nodes.
MTP2----->MSU/LSSU/FISU...Error detection,corection and
retransmission of message.
1-Signaling message handling(message
Distribution,Descrimination and routing)
2-Signaling network management

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What is MTP?..

Answer / rajesh vishwakarma

MTP - Message Transfer protocol

MTP is one of the protocol in SS7 protocol suit.Used for
transferring the messages between different Networks of same
ss7 signaling network.

MTP are divided in to three types depends on their
functionality between their levels i.e

MTP Level-1
MTP Level-2
MTP Level-3

MTP Level1 is used for signaling data links
MTP Level2 along to level1 provides the signaling links for
reliable transfer of signaling messages
MTP Level3 provides the routing and network management.

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What is MTP?..

Answer / naren babu.k

The Message Transfer Part (MTP) layer of the SS7 protocol provides the routing and network interface capabilities that support SCCP, TCAP, and ISUP. Message Transfer part (MTP) is divided into three levels.

MTP Level 1 (Physical layer) defines the physical, electrical, and functional characteristics of the digital signaling link. Physical interfaces defined include E-1 (2048 kb/s; 32 64 kb/s channels), DS-1 (1544 kb/s; 24 64 kp/s channels), V.35 (64 kb/s), DS-0 (64 kb/s), and DS-0A (56 kb/s).

MTP Level 2 provides the reliability aspects of MTP including error monitoring and recovery. (MTP-2) is a signalling link which together with MTP-3 provides reliable transfer of signalling messages between two directly connected signalling points.

MTP Level 3 provides the link, route, and traffic management aspects of MTP. MTP 3, thus ensures reliable transfer of the signalling messages, even in the case of the failure of the signalling links and signalling transfer points. The protocol therefore includes the appropriate functions and procedures necessary both to inform the remote parts of the signalling network of the consequences of a fault, and appropriately reconfigure the routing of messages through the signalling network.

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What is MTP?..

Answer / styve

MTP : Message Transfert Part.
MTP is one of the protocol in SS7 protocol suit and It is further devided in four parts MTP1,MTP2, MTP3 and MPT4.

Level 1: MTP1 is the Signalling Data Link Functional Level (Data Link Level). physical connectivity between two or more nodes.
Level 2: MTP2 is the Signalling Link Functional Level (Link Level). error detection , retransmission message.
Level 3: MTP3 is the Signalling Network Functional Level (Network Level). routing packets and network management.
Level 4: MTP4 is the MTP User and consists of SCCP, ISUP, TUP, or any other MTP User.

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What is MTP?..

Answer / guest

Media Termination Point - Two VoIP calls of same codec
requires MTP, provided by DSP (Disital Signal Processing).

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What is MTP?..

Answer / mohammed fahad mateen

Media Transfer Protocol, or MTP, is a protocol that is
designed for content exchange with and command and control
of transient storage devices. It has been developed by
Microsoft as an extension to PTP, or Picture Transfer
Protocol, and is targeted primarily at digital still
cameras, portable media players, and cellular phones.
The primary purpose of this protocol is to facilitate
communication between media devices that have transient
connectivity and significant storage capacity. This includes
the exchange of binary objects and the enumeration of the
contents of that connected device

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What is MTP?..

Answer / ameen farook

media taransfer protocal, proposed by microsoft for
securing either audio or video files while in transmission..

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